SA-TU Logistics is a logistics services company based in Finland. Founded in 1987, the company was the largest privately owned producer of customs declarations in Finland before joining the Customs Support group. In addition to customs declarations and foreign trade documentation services, SA-TU Logistics offers domestic transport services and goods handling.

Because of the criticality of production, services must be at an adequate level. The core service functions of the SA-TU network, AD, and some applications, are hosted in Kaita Cloud Services. Recently SA-TU Logistics has migrated Linux servers previously hosted in Azure to Kaita’s Cloud Services as well.

Flexibility and easy collaboration

The customer’s hardware, which was running Windows and Linux services on a VMware hypervisor, was becoming outdated. Kaita’s cloud services were seen as significantly more cost-effective than replacing the customer’s hardware. Additionally, the technical solution was highly advanced, and the migration to the cloud was expected to result in minimal downtime.

For the migration, it was best to set up entirely new virtual machines in the Kaita cloud for the AD domain control servers. The ERP/database server was successfully migrated via VMware migration. Furthermore, there was a need to extract data from a selected few machines to be stored “offline” in the Kaita cloud.

After the transfer, the servers were connected to the Kaita monitoring and backup services. This reduced the workload of SA-TU’s own IT department and the need for hardware resources.

Since deployment, the ERP server has been flexible in terms of memory and disk space. In the SA-TU environment, new Linux servers have also been set up in Kaida’s cloud environment. SA-TU has imported functionality from Azure and built utterly new services on these platforms.

After deployment, memory and disk space additions have been made flexibly to the ERP server. In SA-TU’s environment, new Linux servers have also been established in Kaida’s cloud service. SA-TU has brought in functionalities from Azure and built utterly new services on these platforms.

A natural step was to expand cooperation also in the field of information security

Kaita conducted a data security assessment for SA-TU Logistics, which helped to identify the most critical areas for improvement in terms of security. This way, future efforts in improving data security can be focused on the right places.

“Through the assessment, we gained an overall view of the situation. The assessment does not directly cause immediate action, but it supports discussions,” says Pekka Karasjoki.

Most recently, Sa-Tu has deployed the Kaida firewall service at its Vuosaari office.

Overall, SA-TU Logistics is satisfied with Kaida’s services. “The cooperation runs smoothly in terms of both personal chemistry and service. We receive personalized and face-to-face service,” says Pekka Karasjoki.