Kaita - IBM i System Access Manager

IBM i System Access Manager

Manage access to your IBM i system and data with System Access Manager.

System Access Manager, or SAM, protects the data on your IBM i with powerful and easy-to-maintain rules.

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System Access Manager

Manage access

IBM i is no longer an isolated platform free of security threats. Well-known network and open-source protocols are in use. This provides a wide surface for security attacks.

The data contained in IBM i is also often of high value to the business, making it an attractive target for data breaches.

SAM protects your IBM i system and the data it contains with powerful, flexible, and easy-to-maintain policies.

SAM supports compliance with security requirements by controlling access to IBM i and supports various standards, significantly reducing compliance time and costs.

Supported standards include SOX, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and CCPA.

Extending protection to the connection layer improves IBM i security

How does System Access Manager work?

SAM primarily uses exit point technology to detect access attempts to IBM i systems and data and to determine whether access should be granted or denied. These decisions are logged and the desired actions are taken.

The log data can be forwarded to the SIEM system.

SAM is governed by predefined rules. These rules contain the necessary information to let the program know how to act.

You also specify whether the event should trigger some other action, such as executing a command, disabling a user profile, sending a message, logging information, or running a program.

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