Kaita - Hosting and data center services

Hosting and data center services

Everything that is needed for your critical systems.

Our secure, operator- and vendor-independent data centers in Finland offer capacity, efficiency, resilience, and flexibility worldwide.

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High availability is the foundation of our data center services

Outsourcing services is an effective way to direct your organization’s own resources to the business. Our services combine modern, certified technology with the expertise and experience of our data center specialists. 

Our modern data center services offer today’s hybrid solutions. We offer customized solutions with the desired level of service or even just a place for your own hardware. The level of service is always determined by the customer’s needs. You can choose to use a rack space starting from a half rack unit or a more comprehensive service package including, for example, monitoring and backup. 

Our services include everything you need at a fixed monthly price. 

Data center solutions provide a full range of services


The right solution for every need

Cloud or data center services? Or a combination of several models, a hybrid solution where some services are provided on physical servers and some on cloud services? We can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

What is included?

The level of service, and any additional services are all your choice. 

 Our service always includes data center facilities, air conditioning, backup power, UPS, electricity, and access control.  

 You get a comprehensive and secure infrastructure at a reasonable price. We also provide the services of our technical experts for installation, maintenance, and upgrades. 

Colocation Services

Colocation, or outsourced data center management, allows you to outsource your IT environment to a secure and modern data center maintained by our experts to the extent required. In addition to the data center infrastructure, the customer has access to additional services, such as backup and monitoring solutions. If required, our on-call staff will monitor the equipment 24/7/365.

Data remains in Finland

A Finnish data center is a secure option. Our services are delivered from cutting-edge data centers situated in Finland. High data availability, security, and energy efficiency were all taken into consideration when building our environmentally friendly data centers. 

The right size partner

We are the right size partner. We are smooth and agile. We work with major equipment manufacturers and have selected the best and most reliable players on the market as our partners.

We are available 24 hours a day. You can always reach an expert who knows your environment.

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