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Intel Server Solutions

Various server solutions offer options that are reliable, scalable, and simple to maintain.

Industry-leading vendors offer great options for implementing a server platform that supports today’s business.

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Modern server solutions must be able to handle many demands

There may be times when it’s necessary to store data or applications locally, and scalable solutions offer performance and reliability in a simple and cost-effective package. They can grow and adapt to meet different needs and scale easily and cost-effectively both in terms of their configuration and their functionality. 

Support, monitoring, and expertise throughout the lifecycle of the equipment

The focus on providing server architectures that improve performance while decreasing costs is a priority for us. 

Our professionals ensure a simple, quick, and risk-free installation process to help organizations get their solutions up and running with minimal downtime and maximum productivity. 


Gain control of the data

Platform solutions are constantly being asked to deliver higher performance and better reliability to run business-critical software such as ERP, AI, databases, and e-commerce platforms. 

Achieving a competitive advantage requires properly selected and sized server and storage solutions. Today, the ability to process and exploit data quickly, securely, and cost-effectively provides a real competitive advantage. 

We work with major equipment manufacturers and have chosen to partner with the best and most reliable players on the market.

Simplicity and high usability

You have multiple options for acquiring equipment for your needs. You can choose to have the equipment at your own location or use our data center. You can also choose our cloud solutions for a flexible platform. Regardless of where your equipment is located, our support services are available to assist with maintenance and provide knowledge. Additionally, our monitoring services can be utilized to monitor the equipment and its performance. 

Converged infrastructure

An easy, scalable, and secure way to implement a cost-effective x86-based service platform.

The IT infrastructure must be dynamic. It must support growth while reducing costs. 

VersaStack, Cisco’s UCS infrastructure combined with IBM Flash System storage, ensures optimized performance. It is a flexible, versatile, and highly scalable environment that grows and transforms as needed. 

Storage, computing capacity, and networking all in one

Cisco Validated Design and IBM Red Book documentation ensure tested integrations and working solutions.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

A highly scalable, adaptable, and flexible environment that grows and transforms as needed.

Hyperconvergence is an agile and cost-effective way to integrate servers, storage, networking, and virtualization into a single, easily managed entity. It is significantly less expensive than traditional solutions while offering equivalent performance.  

Hyperconvergence enables a cloud-like scalable infrastructure with everything you need integrated.

The right size partner

We are the right size partner. We are smooth and agile. We work with major equipment manufacturers and have selected the best and most reliable players on the market as our partners.

We are available 24 hours a day. You can always reach an expert who knows your environment.

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