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Efficient and secure data backup.

The backup service is a simple and reliable solution to a variety of backup needs. The data is stored in Finland.

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Securing data creates the foundation for business continuity

Business-critical data backups must be handled professionally in a secure data center environment. 

With the growth of cloud computing, the necessity of data backup has not diminished; O365, for instance, places the responsibility of data backup on the user. The basis for business continuity is therefore backing up your company’s data. 

The backup service stores data located on the customer’s property, in the service provider’s data center, or in the public cloud to data centers in Finland. 

The service is flexible and adaptive to fit various environments. The backup frequency and data retention period are set depending on the requirements. 

Since the solution is geographically flexible, the items that need to be backed up can be physically located anywhere. Additionally, it is possible to create a tape copy of the backed-up data, which is a very affordable choice for lengthy storage periods.

GDPR has brought new requirements for the management of personal data 

Data secured through our service stays in Finland.  Our services are produced in ecologically modern data centers located in Finland, designed with high data availability and security in mind, as well as excellent energy efficiency. Even the strictest requirements for equipment facilities set by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority are met by our data centers. 

Protect and secure important data

The right size partner

We are the right size partner. We are smooth and agile. We work with major equipment manufacturers and have selected the best and most reliable players on the market as our partners.

We are available 24 hours a day. You can always reach an expert who knows your environment.

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Our specialists can tell you more about the different options and additional services.

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