Cloud Services

We help you choose agile cloud services that serve your business in the best possible way. We design safe and versatile cloud solutions for your company, which we produce from Finland. It is extremely important that the server and storage capacity in use flexibly adjusts to meet the real needs of business and users.

Decide what you need and customize yours. We will do the rest. A cloud solution is the right option when you need an efficient environment for your services without investing in equipment. Cloud services can serve as a business platform as well as a development or test environment.

Our solutions include flexible and tailored private and hybrid cloud solutions as well as public cloud connectivity:

  • Cost effective and scalable service. You always have the necessary capacity.
  • Fixed competitive monthly price, predictable costs.
  • Certified experts at your disposal.
  • Finnish, Swedish and English language support 24/7.
  • Data remains in Finland.

Spend your time on productive work. We take responsibility for ensuring that the solution is always up-to-date and that the equipment is operational. Licenses, upgrades, maintenance, backups and security are our responsibility. Our experts constantly monitor the service, 24/7/365 if needed. They monitor the real-time performance and status of your systems. Our customers also do not have to worry about equipment failures or issues related to the life cycle of the equipment. We ensure your organization is always using up-to-date technology.

Our secure data centers offer a world-class framework and supplier-independent telecommunications connections in a secure and flexible manner. They form the backbone that keeps your company’s servers and production running 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Your data will always remain in Finland. We provide cloud services from modern high-availability data centers located in Finland that meet the most stringent requirements for equipment facilities.