Sunborn is a Finnish multi-industry conglomerate whose main businesses are hotel and restaurant operations, healthcare, and shipbuilding.

Sunborn began in the 1970s with spa operations and health vacations to Spain. The group operates in Finland, England, and Gibraltar. Today, the group includes Naantali and Ruissalo spas in Finland.

Sunborn relies on the Power platform

Sunborn has been using the IBM Power platform and IBM i operating system for almost 30 years. Sunborn’s production system is a hotel and spa system developed specifically for the Power platform.

“The performance and usability of these devices are on their own level. From our perspective, IBM i has always been a very reliable platform.” says Tomi Saari, IT Manager at Sunborn Oy. “They don’t break down. IBM provides both the operating system and the hardware for their devices, so everything works perfectly.”, Saari continues.

Time for new hardware

The IBM Power hardware Sunborn was using was due for replacement. “The previous equipment was already old, over ten years old. The performance of the device was still not a problem, but there was an operating system upgrade that could no longer be done on the old device”, says Saari.

The process itself was very quick and smooth this time. Sunborn told Kaida their needs and we were able to quickly build and provide them with the most suitable and cost-effective option.

Seamless cooperation

“We had no history with Kaida. We had talked directly with IBM in the past, but they recommended you a lot”, says Saari.

Kaita Finland’s expertise and long experience in delivering this platform helped to get the server quickly ordered and delivered to the customer. Overall, the hardware upgrade went smoothly.

“It was quick. I criticized how long everything usually takes during the purchasing phase. However, I have to say that this time the whole operation went really well.”, Saari recalls.

This time, the installation was carried out by the customer’s partner. “The installation was done by a partner who had installed the previous system, because he knew our system so well. Kaita then helped us after the installation to get the licenses in order for the new system.”

Overall, Sunborn has been satisfied with the hardware upgrade. “The project went smoothly, downtime was kept to a minimum and we were also able to upgrade the user licenses to a new level. There have been no problems since the device has been deployed”, concludes Saari.