Kaita Finland

We are a Finnish service partner with a focus on IT services for companies of all sizes. Our services are delivered by competent and knowledgeable experts who are always reachable by phone or email.

Building IT on understanding

We have a long experience in the industry. We believe that a good partner must understand the customer, the customer’s industry, and the industry’s requirements.

We provide solutions that serve the business correctly.

We are chosen because we are the right size partner

We have the ability to serve in a personal and agile way. We are the right size partner for our customers, we operate smoothly.

By committing to our goals, we believe we can deliver a high-quality and reliable service, creating long-lasting relationships and contributing to our client’s success.

Long-term customer relationships with a customer-centered attitude

Over the years, Kaita Finland’s employees have earned the trust and respect of their partners and customers through their expertise and attitude. We work toward providing excellent service.

Long-lasting customer relationships are evidence of our commitment to our customers. We know we are accomplishing our goals because of our consistently high customer satisfaction rating, which is significantly higher than the industry average.