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IBM Power10. Reliable, secure, and more efficient. Secure from core to cloud.

IBM Power10 is optimized to run mission-critical workloads. It delivers up to 1.6x more capacity than its predecessor, 20-30% more performance per core, and up to 25% more cores per processor.

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Increased efficiency and reliability combined with advanced resilience and self-correcting features

IBM Power has always been one of the most reliable platforms on the market. 

IBM Power10 servers use the new Open Memory Interface (OMI), which provides up to twice the fault tolerance of a standard memory module.

Improved high-performance scalability increases availability. Proactive error management and repair further improve reliability.

Cost savings and energy efficiency

Future performance with up to 33% less energy. Power10 server performance brings savings as the same workloads can be run with fewer cores. Lower energy consumption and reduced cooling requirements translate into direct cost savings.

The lower number of cores also brings savings in licensing costs.

IBM Power10

Performance and scalability

IBM Power servers are designed as a platform for mission-critical applications

POWER10 provides a reliable and high-performance platform for mission-critical software. 

Increased efficiency enables workloads to run on smaller numbers of devices. License costs are reduced with excellent per-core performance, as fewer cores are needed to run the same workload. 

Cloud-native applications

The IBM Power product family provides a unified server environment for AIX, i, and Linux operating systems. IBM Power systems protect your existing AIX and i application investments and let you take advantage of the latest technology without software changes. 

You can modernize applications at your own pace and extend the life of your existing applications, as IBM Power10 supports both traditional and modern workloads. This allows you to take full advantage of existing AIX, IBM i, and Linux solutions while modernizing your applications. 

Efficiently scale cloud applications. One IBM Power10 server can run 3.1 times the number of containers compared to a similarly sized x86 system.

Seamless hybrid cloud platform

IBM Power easily integrates with your organization’s cloud strategy. It is the perfect solution for the modern digital appliance environment, integrating legacy applications into new cloud environments without interfering with the underlying server platform.

How a Finnish telecom operator DNA reduced processing time and costs by running Oracle on IBM Power

Saving on licensing costs: the case of DNA

DNA saved over three hours a day, 66% in licensing costs, and reduced its data warehouse footprint by 80%.

IBM i still offers the strongest level of data security in the world.

However, as technology evolves, it is vulnerable to the security risks present in distributed environments. 

We provide security solutions for the IBM i platform, such as IBM i Risk Assessment, which helps you identify threats, comply with regulations, and strengthen your security posture. iSecurity Antivirus and Anti-Ransomware provide comprehensive protection for IBM i against viruses, Trojans, and ransomware. System Access Manager (SAM) provides access control to the IBM i system. It is a flexible and efficient approach to access management for IBM i.


better performance per core


lower TCO over a three-year period compared to competitors


more cores per processor


Maximize the potential of IBM Power

Does your organization have an IBM Power? Are you struggling to find the resources to maintain your equipment? Is your hardware outdated and in need of a new upgrade? Are you sure you are getting the full capacity of your investment?

As an experienced IBM Power partner, we can help 

You can acquire IBM Power equipment in a number of ways. You can take advantage of our data center services. You can also use the IBM Power platform as a cloud service. You can use our expert services and take advantage of our expertise in maintaining the equipment. We can also monitor your equipment. 

The right size partner

We are the right size partner. We are smooth and agile. We work with major equipment manufacturers and have selected the best and most reliable players on the market as our partners.

We are available 24 hours a day. You can always reach an expert who knows your environment.

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