Recovery Test

A recovery test is a test of the recovery process, where the objective is to restore the required environment to a new and functioning environment after an unplanned disruption.

Confidence in recovery through testing

DISASTER ALWAYS comes unexpectedly

Is your company’s backup plan effective?

How much time is required for system recovery? Typically, a desired recovery time objective (RTO) and a recovery point objective (RPO) are defined for recovery. Often, a low RPO is desired, which means a short time between backups. However, the real test for recovery is RTO, which shows how quickly the system can be used again after a disruption.

Testing is an essential part of the recovery plan and the only way to determine the actual recovery time. Recovery testing ensures the smoothness of the recovery process in a disaster scenario.

Many ways of using a recovery test

Testing and Reporting

Testing of the backup routine. The recovery test provides an opportunity to ensure that the backup routine is adequate and functional in a real disaster situation. Based on the test report, it is possible to make any necessary changes to the systems to ensure successful and prompt recovery.

Planning ahead

Testing of the recovery speed. Testing the time required for recovery in connection with the deployment of a new server. The test results provide a clear picture of the time required not only for recovery in a disaster situation but also for deploying a new server.

Operational Testing

Testing of software on a new operating system level without jeopardizing production. By expanding the scope of the recovery test, the functionality of the software can easily and safely be ensured even at the next operating system level.