IBM POWER offers scalability, reliability and efficiency. Designed for mission-critical applications. IBM Power Systems offer extreme performance for demanding workloads. It is designed to deliver superior performance and throughput for big data, analytics and high-value workloads.

Decide what you need. Customize yours. We’ll do the rest.

Bring your data to POWER Cloud. Reduced response times, increased efficiency and cost savings. Experts available.

The continuity of services is our responsibility

Power Cloud is a light and agile service option for the IBM i platform. You get the full benefit of your investments as well as access to better and more efficient services at lower cost.

Our data centers offer world-class framework and vendor independent data connections securely and flexibly. They form the backbone for your company’s servers and production.

Use your time for productive work

Licenses, version upgrades, maintenance, backups and security are our responsibility.

The service is produced from Finland and meets the requirements of modern datacenters.

Easily predictable monthly cost.

You will never have to worry about any operational or maintenance cost. Enhances the transparency of costs.

Certified experts at your disposal

Our certified experts monitor the service 24-7-365. They follow real-time performance and system status.

Online support.

Agile and right-sized solution

The capacity is appropriately scaled to your needs. You can easily try new solutions. The deployment does not require long installations. The service adapts to changing business needs and, if necessary, changes can be made in an instant. We are to help you every step of the way.

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Customer Service weekdays 06:00-18:00

Phone: +358 10 583 8650

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Phone +358 10 583 8650

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As an IBM Business Partner, we represent IBM’s unique product family. We are committed to delivering excellent products and services in a strong professional manner.
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