IT infrastructure

The amount of data in companies continues to grow at a tremendous rate. Companies that are able to process and utilize data quickly, securely, and cost-effectively gain a real competitive advantage. Datacenter solutions are constantly required to provide more performance and better reliability for running business-critical software such as ERP, BI software, databases, and e-commerce platforms. To achieve a competitive advantage, properly selected and scaled server and storage solutions are needed.

For decades, we’ve been designing server and storage architectures that increase performance while saving costs. Our experts ensure that the installation of your solutions is easy, fast and risk-free. We provide support, monitoring and expert services for the entire life cycle of your equipment.

Our Infrastructure services and solutions include:

  • IBM Platform solutions
  • IBM Storage Solutions
  • Hyperconverged and converged infrastructure
  • Support services

Kaita provides your company with extremely scalable platform solutions based on IBM Power Systems servers. On top of a server architecture that adapts to the changes in your business, you can get the right applications and the operating systems you need to run them. Power Systems hardware adapts flexibly to changing needs and easily integrates into your organization’s cloud strategy. POWER9 provides an high performance platform for AI applications.

The IBM FlashSystem family, is designed to meet the full range of storage needs from entry to high-end systems that extend to your hybrid multicloud storage deployments without increasing cost and complexity.

You can get comprehensive IT expert services from us, such as solution optimization, deployments, cloud migration, upgrades, development, training, and license management. Our experienced and certified experts will free you from the upgrades and maintenance of your equipment. We monitor your environment 24/7 as needed, and our experts are available when problems arise.