Continuity Services

Business continuity is subject to new types of threats, the disruptions of which often result in significant costs and reputational damage. Ensuring business continuity is at the heart of our special expertise and operations. Our continuity and disaster recovery services ensure the continuity of your business and safeguard the usability and preservation of your data even in the event of a disruption.

Continuity services can be used to produce a copy of the environment in which data can be recovered and used in situations where the actual environment is disrupted. If you want to keep the equipment in your own datacenter, the data can be backed up to our secure datacenter located in Finland using a backup service.

Our continuity services include:

  • Datacenter Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Backup Services
  • Hardware replacement Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services and Testing
  • HA Solutions

Managing a modern IT infrastructure takes time and requires expertise and resources around the clock. With our monitoring service, the critical services and equipment are monitored. We monitor and manage your company’s entire IT infrastructure as needed. Outsourcing services is an effective way to direct your organization’s own resources to the actual business.

Our datacenter services combine modern and certified technology with the know-how and experience of our experts. High availability is the basis of all our datacenter services.

Continuity as a service, experts at your disposal.